WordPress Hosting for Small Business Sites

The first thing you need to host your WordPress business site is a hosting company.

A hosting company provides you space on their servers that you can use to host the files for your website. This is very convenient because it means you don’t have to set up your own web server!

The other nice thing about web hosting, especially from the perspective of a small business owner, is the cost. I’ve heard of small businesses getting charged $400 or so a year for simple web hosting. That’s a ripoff.

Unless you’re going to be doing a large scale membership site, a lot of eCommerce or have other special requirements, there’s no need to pay more than $10/month.

There are tons of providers to choose from and I’ve tried a few of them myself. The one that I’ve been happiest with (and the one I recommend to clients and even my wife for her business) is HostGator.

Here are a few reasons I use them:

1. Cost.

Plans start at just $4.95/month depending how far in advance you pay. I have their “Baby Plan,” with which gives me unlimited sites, bandwidth and disk space for $9.95/month (which I could reduce a little if I didn’t pay monthly). That’s a hard value to beat.

And, just as a thank you for visiting my site, here’s a coupon code you can use at HostGator to knock even more off the cost of hosting: WPFBThankyou

2. Reliability.

Currently I’m hosting 7 different websites on my HostGator “Baby Plan.” This includes my internet marketing company’s website and the site you’re on right now. All of my email also runs through my HostGator account. I have yet to run into any issues with speed or downtime.

3. Customer Service.

My company’s website used to be hosted with Yahoo! Small Business. When I finally got around to migrating it to my HostGator account, I was a bit concerned that my email service was not interrupted. Okay, paranoid, may be the more accurate term because if my business email goes down, I’m in trouble!

Through a phone call and some follow up emails, HostGator walked me through the process so that I had absolutely no downtime whatsoever. The people that helped me were curteous, knowledgeable and always responded in a reasonable amount of time. That experience made me feel even better about using HostGator for all my sites.

4. Fantastico.

Whatever host you choose, if you’re setting up a WordPress site make sure your hosting company has Fantastico. This software, which is included for free with your HostGator hosting package, makes installing WordPress (and some other common software packages) on your site a breeze.

I’m sure there are other very good and reliable hosts out there, but HostGator has been the best I’ve used and I’m sticking with them.

Check them out by clicking the banner below or in the sidebar: