A Number Of Powerful Web Design Principles

by Barb Rasmussen on May 30, 2010

If you are busy developing a website for yourself, or you would just like to be able to understand your web designer when he talks to you in that curious technical dialect they tend to use, the web design tips that follow will come in very useful.

Custom Error Pages: These simply mean that if someone clicks on a link to a specific page on your site that no longer exists, he should not just get an error message. He should be taken to a user-friendly page where there are links to the other pages on your website. This way you won’t lose a potential client.

Make sure you site also works without a leading ‘www’. Not everybody types in ‘www’ before they go to a website. And it does NOT automatically work. Your website has to be set up to work both with a leading ‘www’ and without it, otherwise you might well lose half your potential visitors.

Don’t make your website slow with huge graphics: You might like the 800×600 picture of your reception desk. That does not mean your website visitors will like waiting for it to load every time. And don’t just force the browser to display a smaller size – it still has to load the full image before it can do that. So rather re-size it in a graphics editor before the time.

Use a favicon: What is a favicon? It’s simply a small picture that is displayed in your browser’s address bar when you visit a particular website. It could be a small version of your logo, or some other image that you feel will remind people of your site instantly when they see it again. It’s cool and it’s professional.

Register more than one domain name: Relative to ten years ago, domain names are very cheap to register at the moment. If you have more than one domain name (they can all point to the same website), your chances if being found online are simply that much better. It will also prevent competitors from registering a name similar to yours and thereby tricking visitors away from your website. As a very least you should register all the top level domain names for your business, like . Com, . Net, . Org et cetera.

Website navigation: As a visitor goes from page to page on your website, the links should remain the same on each page and they should also appear on the same place inside the different pages. There is nothing more frustrating than getting totally lost in a website’s navigation system, so you have no clue where you are or where you were coming from. Whether you do the web design job yourself, or get a web designer, this matter is very important.

Locate the best ideas for web site design by searching online. There are many options for web design that you will find. Head online today and discover more.

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