How Got Started

I noticed something while running my “real” business, a St. Louis online marketing company that helps small and mid size businesses reach prospects and customers on the Internet.

What I noticed is that the most common complaint I hear and the most common Achilles Heel of most business’ online marketing efforts is their websites.

Specifically ugly, poorly organized, horribly optimized, overpriced,  websites (which would cost an arm and a leg to overhaul) that the business owners were relying on to bring in new business.

So, understanding there was a happy median between cheap, ugly, limiting template sites and  expensive professionally designed sites that are overkill for many businesses, I started helping a few clients use WordPress to recreate their web presence.

I’d been using WordPress for some of my own blogs and websites and found it to be very affordable, powerful, flexible yet extremely easy to use (not to mention the search engines LOVE it!).

The sites I put together were a hit with my clients, though there was just one problem.


As easy as WordPress is to use, it does take a little bit of time to understand the basics of how to add content, configure the settings, etc. To help clients with this, I started creating a series of videos to help them do these basic tasks so they could quickly get up and running with their WordPress sites/blogs.

I then realized that these videos were valuable not just to my clients, but to business owners and bloggers all over that want to make the switch to WordPress.

So I built this site. On it you’ll find training videos, helpful WordPress resources and even a few inexpensive WordPress set up services designed to help anyone get WordPress installed quickly and professionally.